The Amity, Raven, and Aurora by Lynn Olson I’ve been designing loudspeaker systems since , but I didn’t move into electronic design until , when I started the Amity project. I’d been reviewing various amplifiers for Positive Feedback magazine since , and was intrigued by the whole SE-DHT phenomenon – writing the first US review of the Ongaku left an impression as well. I auditioned many SE-DHT amplifiers after that, but in all honesty, none came up to the mark set by the Ongaku, although some came pretty close. I met the designer of the Ongaku a couple of years later at the CES, and Kondo confirmed my impression that the circuit of the Ongaku wasn’t anything remarkable. It was the implementation – the all-silver signal path, especially the hand-made silver coupling cap and the all-silver output transformer, that gave the Ongaku its distinctive clarity and insight. Kondo-san said that building one on the cheap would just result in a quite ordinary SE amplifier – the Ongaku could be thought of as the ultimate parts-tweaker amplifier, a design that would sound completely different if all parts weren’t exactly as specified. Anyone that listens to SE amplifiers over any length of time is going to become aware just how different they sound from each other. Transistor amplifiers, at least if competently designed, sound more or less alike.

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Posted on October 9, by The Physicist Physicist: The picture you should have in your head is a long bathtub, open to the ocean on one end. The machinery of the Tesla coil is like some dude in the bathtub sliding back and forth, splashing water electrons out of the closed end, while the tub is refilled from the ocean ground.

“Never before has the dating world been so handy for married men and women looking for a fling,” said Beatriz Avila Mileham, who conducted the research for her .

Bombarding Cf by 10B or 11B and of Am with 18O Like the lanthanides , the actinides form a family of elements with similar properties. Within the actinides, there are two overlapping groups: Compared to the lanthanides, which except for promethium are found in nature in appreciable quantities, most actinides are rare. The majority of them do not even occur in nature, and of those that do, only thorium and uranium do so in more than trace quantities.

The most abundant or easily synthesized actinides are uranium and thorium, followed by plutonium, americium, actinium, protactinium, neptunium, and curium. The prevailing view that dominated early research into transuranics was that they were regular elements in the 7th period, with thorium, protactinium and uranium corresponding to 6th-period hafnium , tantalum and tungsten , respectively. Synthesis of transuranics gradually undermined this point of view.

By an observation that curium failed to exhibit oxidation states above 4 whereas its supposed 6th period homolog, platinum , can reach oxidation state of 6 prompted Glenn Seaborg to formulate a so-called “actinide hypothesis”. Studies of known actinides and discoveries of further transuranic elements provided more data in support of this point of view, but the phrase “actinide hypothesis” the implication being that a “hypothesis” is something that has not been decisively proven remained in active use by scientists through the late s.

The first method is most important for applications, as only neutron irradiation using nuclear reactors allows the production of sizeable amounts of synthetic actinides; however, it is limited to relatively light elements. The advantage of the second method is that elements heavier than plutonium, as well as neutron-deficient isotopes, can be obtained, which are not formed during neutron irradiation.

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Tweet Ah, the struggle of gen-ed classes. As if What is the Good Life? Here are 10 gen-ed classes at UF you should avoid like the plague. Overall, your time is better spent taking a class that actually counts for some sort of credit. What is the Good Life?

Dr. Mark Scarborough, M.D., division chief of orthopaedic oncology at UF talks with second-year medical students at the recent Medical Speed Dating event.

Meet the man, the myth, the legend: However, this microeconomics class is not all fun and games. The tough concepts, tricky questions and splash of mathematics in this course strikes fear into the hearts of any Gator. Go to class — to laugh at his jokes. He wants you to pay attention. He wants to see his students ready to engage and pay attention.

Sit back, laugh along and listen closely. You might learn some microeconomics on the way. Pay attention to his end of semester drop email, and think about the big picture. This email holds nothing but solid advice. He beautifully titles it: And he knows that this may require dropping his class. Know your odds, play to your strengths.

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February 6, Format: Prime VideoVerified Purchase Loved this film! It went from zero to 40 with the first 10 minutes, then hits about MPH for most of the movie. It’s a road trip with a lot of differences. This is a far more realistic husband and wife real life film than most others we can see with actors sharing parts of their first names.

It’s more of a speed match than a speed date. And the participants aren’t discussing whether they’re an Aries or a Scorpio, but whether they prefer surgery to pediatrics. It’s “specialty speed.

What — No Todmorden? How could this possibly be? It has just left its dismal terminus in Cheetham Street — behind the Hope Chapel in the background — where it will have connected with the inbound Halifax J. This one passed to the Calderdale J. They withdrew it in and sold it to Bickers of Coddenham — acting as dealers — from whom it passed to the Stella Artois brewery in Belgium who I trust paid a Reassuringly Expensive price for it.

Similar bus no.

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Additional cruise passengers, with some sources suggesting up to eighteen people, were also injured in the accident. The majority of the passengers were reportedly from the Serenade of the Seas. The photos and videos of the incident show many passengers lying in the road or beside the overturned bus, indicating that many people in the bus may not have been furnished with working seatbelts and they were ejected when the bus overturned.

There have been a large number of excursion bus accidents involving Royal Caribbean and its sister cruise line, Celebrity Cruises. Royal Caribbean cruise passengers from the Serenade of the Seas were injured during an excursion in St. A Royal Caribbean sponsored excursion tour bus crashed in St.

What is Recruitment? Recruitment is an opportunity for you to get a sense of what aKDPhi is all about here at UF. Our sisters host a variety of events, giving girls the opportunity to get to know us and explore Greek life in a fun and relaxed setting.

I added an audio amplifier with moderate gain to reduce the number of users having trouble getting enough audio to their transmitter. There is also now a separate volume control for the voice ID board. The big question is: All IDs are “polite”. Morse code IDs are attenuated if the repeater is in use. A real-time clock lets you synchronize beacons to the clock time, and can even be kept accurate with input from a GPS receiver.

The circuit board is slightly larger than the -III 3″ x 1. The pinouts are similar. There’s a second ground for the audio output, and an added an output to indicate when the ID-O-Matic is sending an ID or a beacon. A dedicated output can switch power to a cooling fan, with user-specified turn-off delay. The board is better optimized for repeater use, with improved volume control.

Receiver audio has enough gain to drive virtually any repeater setup. A protection diode prevents damage to the board if power is connected backwards. Terminal block pins are marked more clearly.


Former inmates decry forced circumcision by Ronnie Layoo Gulu- Former inmates at Gulu Main Prison have accused the authorities of circumcising them against their will. The inmates say the prison wardens force them to get circumcised, saying the move is to enhance good sanitation and health living. Speaking to the Daily Monitor recently, Mr Richard Okello, 22, who was remanded in the prison for alleged assault for three months, said the prison warders forced him to get circumcised.

UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA College of Medicine Alumni Weekend | 1 Welcome home! such as our deans’ panel discussion or student/alumni speed networking event. Come see what it is like to be a student today and share your experiences with to speed dating, where students will rotate through the room, meeting the alumni present. FRIDAY EVENTS.

Which is to say that the Seminoles are quick and aggressive on offense, both tireless and tall on defense and, perhaps above all else, relentlessly deep. And, like their predecessors, these Seminoles can lay claim to a lopsided victory over the Florida Gators. Savoy scored 20 points on 5-of-7 3-point shooting and Trent Forrest added another 13 as No. The Seminoles extended their school-record winning streak against UF to five, and their point margin of victory was their highest in the series since a victory in And we were able to get some deflections and steals and got some easy baskets.

Leading at the They then continued with a run out of the break and then braced themselves for a UF rally that never materialized. Savoy led the way, draining 3-pointers at a But thanks to a sharp, quick-passing offense, the Seminoles were able to create looks for just about everybody. Walker found his shooting stroke, knocking down two 3-pointers to snap a drought that spanned eight games dating back to last season.

All told, FSU shot

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There are of us this semester. The reason is that all WHU students are required to do an exchange semester to graduate and so the University invests lots of time into their international programming. We had two days of orientation and then a speed-dating event.

Careers in Medicine: Medical Specialty Speed Dating. AAMC Annual Meeting, Innovations in Medical Education. Boston, MA, November ; UF Health is a collaboration of the University of Florida Health Science Center, Shands hospitals and other health care entities.

It is 30 May and there is a running day to mark the official but not actual closure of Portswood Depot. Perhaps Southampton valued standardisation more than up to the minute styling as these were the last of a very large batch of early post-war Guys. Perhaps Nigel Frampton can advise! I have a strong suspicion that the presence of a local coach proprietor on the Committee had more than some influence there!

What about a declaration of conflicting interests? I think you might agree that neither the PD2 or PD2A could be described as pretty, particularly in the “red look” livery. Great for me as provincial my favourite operator had many of this type. A proper bus, brilliant. It was a rigmarole for bus enthusiasts to get one of their buses for private hire outside the Portmsouth area, little more the Portsea Island, plus Leigh Park, a Portsmouth Council housing estate, where dispensation had been given after it was built.

These were delivered in

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First Fleet a good thing: Abbott First Fleet a good thing: Health experts want cartoons off junk food Research by the Obesity Policy Coalition found food packaging which used cartoons was often unhealthy. A whopping 75 per cent of respondents rated coconut oil — the ingredient du jour — as “healthy” while 85 per cent of nutritionists disagreed.

Related Articles Supersized junk food portions adding to Australia’s obesity epidemic Seventy-one per cent believed orange juice was healthy compared to 24 per cent of nutrition experts , 44 per cent thought gluten-free cakes were good for the body compared to 6 per cent , and 52 per cent said muesli bars were healthy compared to 18 per cent. Advertisement At the other end of the scale are foods such as peanut butter, pasta and popcorn.

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Our pride in technical rigor, perseverance, critical thinking, and multidisciplinary collaborative work ethics bring agile resolution to technical hurdles and nimble development of products. CMC Consulting As passionate developers of biotechnology products, we take it upon ourselves to become the experts on your product. We help our clients with phase-appropriate CMC strategy, while clearly outlining the risks and risk mitigation plans.

We are uniquely positioned to guide our clients to develop an integrated CMC plan tied to preclinical and clinical development with a constant eye on regulatory expectations. We can help you through any aspect of CMC development, from technical development to CMO management, from design of studies to proposal reviews, from data reduction to writing reports and summary presentations. We customize our CMC consulting to your needs in the below areas:

Eventbrite – Lesgo date presents Lesbian Speed Dating – UF Edition – Sunday, October 21, at Gainesville, Gainesville, FL. Find event and ticket information. Hi Ladies! In honor of all that’s good and gay, we are throwing a lesbian speed dating mixer during Gainesville’s pride weekend! We’d love to see what Gainesville’s got!

The 8 and the 12, the latter taking a circuitous route via Daubhill, Little Hulton, Walkden, Roe Green and Worsley taking a scheduled 55minutes against the rather tightly timed 38 minutes of the more direct 8. Quite apart from the fascinating stuff we saw and rode on the way up, across and back down again, the Stockport and Manchester Crossleys made a great impression, and so did the great variety of operators working into Manchester, but I remember being especially taken by those lovely Salford Daimlers with their straight staircases, destination-winder trunnions and the no-nonsense, upright Metro-Cammell bodies.

To have lasted so long with such rough treatment these wonderfully characterful vehicles must have been as solidly-built as they looked—or were the fitters kept busy? I bet someone knows! I read that Salford always put their newest buses on the 15, which ran to Piccadilly, to impress their neighbours “across the river”. This has now been superseded by Shudehill Bus Station, which is actually in Manchester, and the whole area around Victoria Bridge Street is being redeveloped.

And yes, I agree about “Arndale”! On the radiator subject I only ever remember the radiator was far forward and was informed at the time it was because of the longer engine. My first encounter with the forward entrance Leylands was on the 73 from Whitefield to Victoria, a pleasure to drive. Your epic trip from Reading to Grimsby via Salford sounds worthy of an article, describing route, rolling stock and how long it took! Might we be hearing from you shortly?

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