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This wikiHow teaches you how to select and set up an antenna for your TV. Steps Preparing to Connect 1 Determine your television’s antenna connector type. Virtually every TV has an antenna input on the back or side; this is where you’ll plug in the antenna. There are two main versions of this input: Coaxial RF – Resembles a threaded cylinder with a hole in the middle. This type of connector is the standard for most modern TVs. IEC – Resembles a smooth cylinder with a smaller cylinder inside of it.

Digital HDTV Antennas

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The Digital Landing editorial staff has been helping people stay connected to their digital lifestyles for several years. This staff consists of people with telecommunications backgrounds, as well as writers from Cable TV and Satellite TV industries.

As it just so happens, the past 2 or 3 times that we went out with our RV, I wanted to focus on our DTV capabilities which were previously limited to being right on top of the transmitter. Once removed 3 pieces will fall into your hand. Using a 2 Phillips, the detent plate is removed from the ceiling. When the mechanism is removed off the roof the hole is clean as shown. Going into a diagnostic mode, I raised the antenna and ventured up on the roof.

What I found there was a classic omission of following common sense diagnostic procedures which I could have pursued 6 or more months earlier. At the top of the batwing, a piece of coax rolls out of the legs and connects into the head amp of the antenna. Pulling the rubber boot back displayed a white powdery coated F connector which is nothing more than corrosion.

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Steve Waltke is an engineer who lives in Michigan. He enjoys do-it-yourself projects around the house. He concluded that what he learned from one of his recent activities might prove useful to others who still use rabbit ears or an antenna for television reception. This is what he says: After doing research and setting up several digital TV conversion boxes, I thought I would share what I have learned about setting up equipment for receiving digital television broadcasts.

Above: This gutter antenna is connected via an upper roof-level downspout where no personal contact is possible. This all-aluminum gutter is fed with coax with an unterminated shield (at this end, shield connected to radio ground at the other) to reduce nearby computer hash from inside the house.

Introduction The purpose of this section is to provide the information necessary to make rational decisions on products, with the goal being to connect to the Internet from your RV. The idea is to make sure that all of your local devices – computers, tablets, wireless printers, TV, DVR, etc. In a home environment meaning a “fixed” environment only one method is typically used to connect to the Internet – often that is DSL or Cable.

This is typically a “cellular router”, meaning that the router can have a cellular aircard plugged into it and use that as a method to connect to the Internet. Ideally, only the router “knows” about the multiple methods of connecting to the Internet. It manages all of those methods and presents a single network to your devices. That way the devices do not have to be configured multiple times as you move locations.

5 Reasons Why You Need an HDTV Antenna Even With Sling TV

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This is the best converter box that I got. I has to look up to get a proper HD antenna for my area, I didn’t know at the time that different HD antennas gets different results, I had to go with one that will get most of my favorite channels, but my old converter box pulls only about 7 channels, and the one I got pulls almost 21 channels, sweet!

It is useful for watching all types of content like news, sporting events, and some of the best TV shows out there. Plus, there is no monthly cost, so the only expense is your initial investment in your antenna. The best way to use an antenna is to pair it with another device or service. One of the best combinations you can set up would be pairing an antenna with a Roku device.

Here are some details and things you need to know. Antennas Gets Lots of Channels, But Not Cable Channels or Netflix While the antenna is a tool I would recommend every cable cutter to have, it does not provide everything most people need to cut the cord. Buying a Roku device would certainly help you out and fill a lot of the gaps left by the antenna. All of these can be watched right on your TV, with the proper subscription.

No matter what type of services or channels you want to sign up for after cutting cable, you can likely watch all of them right on your TV with Roku. Going from the antenna to the Roku is like switching from cable to your DVD player. You need to grab the remote, change the input, and then switch over to using the Roku remote. Not that big of a deal, but not the ideal setup. Roku sent me the TV to try it out.

But, if the Roku software is built in you get all the flexibility of the Roku along with the speed.

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ClearTV is the new digital broadcast transmission system that makes it possible for you to save big by getting rid of cable and satellite expenses and simultaneously enjoy top quality picture. All you have to do is plug in ClearTV digital HD antenna in your TV and instantly start enjoying crystal clear viewing and that too for free!

The antenna is really easy to set up as you simply plug it in the TV.

Mohu Sky HDTV Attic/Outdoor Antenna is a revolutionary rooftop TV antenna that weighs only three pounds, is one inch thick, multi-directional, and can be installed in an attic.

Originally written and posted 8 July Content last modified Saturday, 9 July External links last verified Tuesday, 1 February My Aim is True Step one: You may be amaaaazed what even a rusty rooftop TV antenna can do. Speaking of aiming, remember: If possible, run a veryveryveryvery long headphone cable up to the rooftop antenna, and listen whilst you twist, or see about installing a rotator bringing the receiver to the roof negates the lead-in wiring, and may produce deceptive results.

Wireless headphones will add their own reception problems to the mix, confounding everything. FM traps, corrosion, broken connections, aimed incorrectly, wrong cable. Similarly, unless the cabling is high-grade coaxial, start afresh. Aim per the preceding paragraph, and watch out for those pesky FM traps!

HD Antenna Setup on new Roku 3.

TV antennas have compromises built in.. All of this it tied together and the efficiency is greatly compromised. Also, there is no elements cut for the 3-meter FM broadcast band. You must rely on the VHF-lo elements, which are designed for Mc. This has directional selectivity limitations: Because the wavelength of the signal is too small for the VHF-lo elements, the antenna’s front to back ratio it’s ability to select signals directly in front of it, but reject signals from behind is very poor to nonexistent.

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On old analog sets, it was useful being able to watch the screen while adjusting an antenna to see how different adjustments would affect different kinds of ghosting, noise, etc. I’ve never seen a digital set with anything nearly as nice. Or could it be that there’s no nice way to get statistics from the demodulator inside of the TV? It would be nice if we could see the raw spectrum on the screen and be able to tune antenna using that, but again that would depend on what is actually available to the TV’s OS.

I mean, internally TVs would already have adaptive filters for channel equalization and so on, so there should be information already inside of the unit on which we could base tuning. I don’t know how the modulation works, but in many kinds of digital wireless system data is divided into packets, and receivers are essentially agnostic as to what goes between packets. Inserting dead time before a packet would thus reduce the effective available bandwidth by a time proportional to the amount of dead time and e.

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How to convert your old TV to receive digital TV over the air. Now that you want to convert your old tv to digital, there are a few things you need to know. We will also make recommendations taken from well known reviews such as Consumer Reports. The Reason for DTV. Digital television provides a clearer picture and more programming but also does it more efficiently, using less of the airwaves.

Our nation’s airwaves are very congested and the problem is getting worse by the day.

Do I need a license from the FCC? If so, how do I get one? If you cruise and sail into foreign waters of Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean, you must have an FCC issued license and callsign. If you have marine single sideband SSB radio onboard, or plan to have one installed soon, the law requires an FCC ship station license. If you cruise to foreign ports, any radio onboard must be licensed.

Even so, you may obtain an FCC license and callsign if you want one. If your radio has this feature, you must obtain a nine-digit maritime mobile service identity MMSI and install it into the unit before you transmit. The MMSI is unique, like a phone number, and can assist the Coast Guard in finding your vessel in an emergency, among other uses. To obtain a license, if you need or want one, contact the FCC at www.

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How to cut the cord for $10: installing an indoor antenna